About Night Swimming

ALLISON MOLLOY is devastated when her five-year-old daughter, GRACE, nearly drowns in Lake George, New York, on a hot summer night. Grace survives the drowning, but suffers extensive brain damage, leaving Allison, her husband, and their eight-year-old son, adrift in grief. As the next summer approaches, Allison makes the difficult decision to bring the kids back to Lake George, because she thinks it’s the only way she’ll be able to move on.

Nearby, another family is enduring a tragedy of their own. The eighteen-year-old daughter of Efim and Albina Vasilyev has gone missing. When Allison discovers the body of an infant while hiking, the two families become connected in a way that only parents who have lost a child, in one way or another, can.

Allison must learn to celebrate the life she has now, instead of wishing for the life she used to know.

If you’re an agent and would like to request a synopsis or manuscript, please email me at meagh.okeeffe [at] gmail.com.


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