Vision Board: My Future Book Launch Party

How fun to create the perfect book launch event in your imagination. No budget restrictions. Only the things that give you joy.

Putting thought and energy toward my own (for now, imaginary) book launch party makes me feel as if I’m inviting success with open arms. Here’s mine. What would yours be like?

The place

I always envisioned my first book launch soiree at one of Pavement Coffee’s locations in Boston. Each one is uniquely hip and gorgeous.

The grub

Finger foods. Charcuterie. Bacon wrapped somethings. Pigs in a blanket.

The bar

Good beer. A bubbly signature cocktail. A virgin signature drink for teetotalers.

The guests

Friends and family. Local press. Local bookstore owners.

The feelings

Excitement, nerves, elation. Accomplished, proud, and a bit self conscious.

The ensemble

If it’s gray and soft and comes in the form of a dress that feels more like a t-shirt, I’ll probably be wearing that. With boots. Big earrings. Bangles.

The music

Something relaxed and chill. A live guitarist and singer duo would be cool. Or a simple, low-key, dreamy playlist.


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